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Do you have questions about applying to Winsor or daily life at the school? Below are some commonly asked questions and answers. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact the admission office—we are happy to help.


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  • Can students leave campus during the day?

    Winsor is an urban school with central green space. It is critical for students’ safety that we know the whereabouts of students at all times when under school supervision. At developmentally appropriate ages, the school offers students off-campus privileges with parental permission. No Lower School student may leave campus during the school day. Upper School students must have school and parental permission in order to go off campus and must always sign in and out. Students with off-campus permission may only go to designated areas.
  • Do the girls have a uniform at Winsor?

    Girls do not wear uniforms. The dress code is very liberal, as it requires all girls to dress in neat, clean clothing. Shoes are expected to be worn at all times. Students are prohibited from wearing clothes with logos containing scatological language, or that have references to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or sexually suggestive comments. Students may not wear tube tops or clothing with spaghetti straps. Hats may not be worn in class or assembly.
  • Do you pay extra for lunch? What is offered each day?

    A daily lunch and mid-morning snack are covered by tuition. Snacks often include fruits, crackers, cookies, and a variety of juices, water, and milk. Lunch is prepared, cooked, and served on campus. Every day, the salad bar, sandwich bar, and soup bar (featuring two soups daily) remain options as an alternative to a hot lunch. The hot lunch includes a meat option as well as a vegetarian option, whole grains, and vegetables. Desserts are often fresh cut fruit in season and homemade treats such as pies, brownies, and assorted goodies. You may view our current lunch menu here.
  • Does Winsor accept international students?

    Winsor does not issue I-20s for international students. For that reason we are unable to accept applications or grant tuition assistance to individuals who are not already U.S. citizens or residents.
  • How are parents able to volunteer and become involved with the school?

    Every parent or adult family member is a member of the Winsor Parents' Association and is a vital resource to the school. We welcome parental involvement in a variety of activities and encourage each parent to give us as much time as he or she can offer. Volunteering is a great way to meet other parents and to contribute to the school in a significant way.
  • How many girls apply to Winsor each year? Approximately how many spaces are available?

    Each year, Winsor attracts students with demonstrated intellectual curiosity, academic ability, character, and motivation. The school is committed to cultural, racial, and economic diversity among its students and seeks young women who have a generous spirit and respect for differences. Winsor draws from an applicant pool of about 400 students each year for entry into Grades 5, 6, 7, and 9. Our greatest number of openings per class is Grades 5, 6, and 9. Overall, the acceptance rate is one in four. Winsor does not accept students for Grades 8 and 12 and is highly unlikely to be able to accept students into Grades 10 and 11.
  • How much homework is given per night?

    As a rigorous academic institution, Winsor believes in the value of homework. It can provide opportunities for practice, introduce students to new ideas, advance student learning, and deepen understanding. The following guidelines are used by teachers at each grade level as they plan and coordinate homework assignments. It is noted, however, that the nature and pace of Advanced Placement and honors courses often require homework beyond the guidelines for regular courses.
    Grade 5:1-1.25 hours
    Grade 6:1.5 hours
    Grade 7:2 hours
    Grade 8:2-2.5 hours
    Grade 9:2.5-3 hours
    Grade 10:3 hours
    Grade 11:3.5 hours
    Grade 12:3.5-4 hours
  • Is there transportation to and from Winsor?

    The Winsor School is situated near the MBTA Green Line ("D") at Longwood Avenue and is accessible from the MBTA bus routes on Brookline Avenue. Student MBTA passes are available for a monthly fee. The Boston School Department has been providing free chartered bus service to fifth graders who live in Boston more than two miles from Winsor. The school also offers its own bus program for an additional fee. The routes are established each year depending upon sufficient interest. Transportation is first assigned for students who reserve a place for the entire school year. Because our transportation is arranged according to the school day, there is not a late bus to accommodate sports or other after-school activities. Preference is given to round-trip riders. Families also find it helpful to establish car pools within their communities. Please keep in mind that student parking on campus is limited to seniors.
  • What are the application deadlines?

    Our application deadline is January 15, 2024. You may also refer to the How to Apply page for important dates and deadlines.
  • What kinds of clubs does Winsor have?

    Winsor offers a variety of clubs for the Lower School and Upper School. The clubs meet during the school day, allowing all students to take part in a club or establish a new one under the guidance of a faculty member. The school also offers community service activities after school and on weekends, sponsored by faculty advisors or parent volunteers.
  • When do the girls begin taking language courses? What are the choices?

    In Lower School, students entering in Grades 5 or 6 choose to study French, Mandarin Chinese, Latin, or Spanish and will continue studying their chosen language through Grade 8. Students entering Winsor in Grade 7 who have already been studying French, Mandarin Chinese, or Spanish at their previous school will continue the study of that language.
  • Which communities do students come from?

    Since Winsor is a day school, the girls live within a commutable distance from campus. Over sixty communities in and around Boston are represented in our student body, with some families traveling as far as the North and South Shore. However, a large number of our students commute from Boston, Brookline, Newton, and Wellesley.
  • Which sports are offered each season?

    Students in Grades 6 through 12 may try out for interscholastic sports teams. As a member of the Eastern Independent School League, Winsor provides a competitive schedule for various levels in 14 different sports. As a challenging alternative to interscholastic sports, Winsor also offers Upper School electives in dance, yoga, and curling, as well as Lower School intramural soccer. For a list of sports teams by season, please visit our Athletics Program page.