Winsor's Admission team looks diligently at every girl who applies, seeking students with demonstrated intellectual curiosity, academic ability, motivation, and spirit. Winsor welcomes applications for grades 5 through 7 in our Lower School, and for grades 9 through 11 in our Upper School. Most students enter Winsor in the 5th, 6th, or 9th grade. Openings in grades 7, 10, and 11 are more limited.
We welcome your application for the 2021-2022 school year.
The admission process begins in September and ends in January for admission during the following school year (please see important dates and deadlines). Admission decisions are available online in March.
As a day school without SEVIS certification, we cannot issue I-20 visas or accept student applications from citizens of other countries.
To begin the application process, please follow the steps below:

List of 3 items.

  • Step 1: Apply

    Step 1: Apply

    Begin by creating an online account, please complete the preliminary application, and then the full application which contains:
    The Winsor application does not require a parent statement or extra recommendation forms. You can check the status of your application at any time by logging in to your account.
  • Step 2: Virtual Visit and Interview

    Step 2: Virtual Visit and Interview

    In an effort to reduce risk during the COVID-19 pandemic, Winsor will not be hosting on-campus visits or interviews for prospective students and families this season. All visits and interviews will be virtual.

    Window into Winsor Virtual Visit
    In advance of scheduling your virtual interview, please visit our new Window into Winsor virtual visit webpage with your student and explore the content. The videos, links, and information will provide you with an overview of our program, facilities, culture, and daily life. 

    Virtual Interviews
    Once you have taken the virtual tour, you will be directed to register for a virtual interview date with our Admission Office. Your interviewer will look forward to hearing your impressions and answering your questions.

    Our interview schedule (mid-September through January) fills very quickly, so we encourage you to take the virutal tour and schedule your virtual interview as early as possible in the fall.

    The only item you are required to submit prior to your interview is the preliminary application (Step 1). Every interview and interaction will be carefully crafted to ensure that you and your student have the most personal and engaging experience possible at Winsor.

    If you applying for Class I/Grade 5 or Class II/Grade 6: 
    You will be prompted to schedule a 30-minute conversation between a Winsor admission representative and the parent(s) or adult(s). This gives the admission representative a chance to learn more about the student and family and gives parents a chance to ask questions.

    In addition, all applicants to Class I and Class II will register for a virtual group activity in lieu of an individual student interview. The group activity gives us the opportunity to learn about your student's personality and interests, while also engaging them in age-appropriate activities designed to inspire creativity and collaboration.  All group activities must be completed by December 15, the deadline for the preliminary application.

    Please note: You will not be able to reserve a spot in the group activity until after you submit the Preliminary Application, due December 15, and submitted the application fee (or fee waiver).

    If you are applying for the Upper School (Class V/Grade 9 - Class VII/Grade 11):
    You will be prompted to schedule a 60-minute interview block, which will include a 30-minute parent coversation with an admission representative as well as a separate, 30-minute interview for your student with an admission representative. The student interview is an important and required step in the Upper School admission process. Interviews must be scheduled by December 15.

    Please note: You will not be able to book an interview appointment until after you submit the Preliminary Application and application fee (or fee waiver).
    Open House
    Our Annual Virtual Open House, was held on Thursday, October 29, 2020. 
  • Step 3: Test

    Step 3: Test

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, Winsor will accept at-home, remote and group testing, all of which can be scheduled through the ISEE or SSAT website.

    or this admission season (2021-2022) only, Winsor will accept ISEE or SSAT test results from all applicants regardless of what grade they are applying to.

    Register for and take the appropriate standardized test. You must take the appropriate test by the middle of January at the latest.

    For entrance into grades five-seven, register for the Independent School Entrance Exam ISEE online (Winsor's code is 220405) or by phone at (800)446-0320. It must include the essay portion.

    For entrance into grades nine-eleven, register for the SSAT * (Winsor's code is 8245) or by phone at (609)683-4440.
    Please note: Winsor does not encourage or recommend that your student take the exam more than once. Winsor does not "superscore" and so will view all results.
    *For students applying to grades nine-eleven and thus taking the SSAT:
    The Character Skills Snapshot
    Character and personal growth are an integral part of an education. Grades and test scores don't tell the whole story of any student. The Character Skills Snapshot gives richer holistic information and illuminates areas where Winsor can help your student grow and thrive.
    Winsor recommends taking The Character Skills Snapshot along with the SSAT. Once a student registers for an SSAT date, s/he will have free access to The Snapshot.