Winsor Bulletin

From the Head of School

BULLETIN | Spring 2022

The Promise of Spring

Has the promise of spring ever felt more rejuvenating and thrilling? After two years of living with a pandemic we had originally hoped would last only a month or two, we are all ready for the days to be warmer and longer, for the earth to burst forth with flowers and greenery, and for the songbirds to remind us what joy sounds like. We are ready to stand shoulder to shoulder and cheer for our teammates, to see one another’s full faces in person, and to share our beloved Winsor traditions with the entire school. I think we all know spring will help us feel better again.

No matter what our different pandemic experiences have been, we have all struggled to feel well and whole. And I think we have also increasingly started to identify what makes each of us feel better, what imbues each of us with a sense of well-being.

As you will read in this issue of the Bulletin, well-being has many components, from nutrition and sleep, to community connections, to individual reflection, to meaningful work. Everyone understands well-being differently, and you will see in these articles that some people are retreating from a frenetic pace of life while others are rushing headlong toward it. I imagine you will identify with some solutions—move to the country, work passionately for change, rethink a career path—and strongly reject others. What you might take from all these articles is that everyone is on a path toward healing in the broadest possible sense. Our alums are engaged in finding well-being for themselves even as they work to improve the world around them for others.

One of the more unique characteristics of Winsor graduates is their determination to make the world better, which starts even before they receive a diploma. Students routinely come to my office to tell me what is wrong and how to fix it; student clubs educate the whole community and lead us in celebration; COLLECT works to improve student life year after year; students join political campaigns and volunteer at nonprofits. Every day, Winsor students use their voices to advocate for themselves and for others. Because of them, meaningful change occurs at school all the time, and we are slowly working to make Winsor the best experience it can be for everyone.

This Bulletin issue shows us what happens when our generous-minded graduates focus on healing and well-being. I am always buoyed by the fact that Winsor students are engaged in making things better. Though we are just coming out of the dark of winter, spring is on the horizon.

—Sarah Pelmas