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Visual Arts

The Visual Arts Department presents a balanced curriculum that incorporates many artistic disciplines yet preserves the integrity of each one. One exceptional advantage of the program lies in the diversity of our offerings and the ability for students to explore a wide variety of processes, media, lab work, and approaches.

We believe that students learn best by doing, through practice and repetition, therefore we provide plenty of opportunities for hands-on learning.

Teachers work with students to develop their skills, in an atmosphere where we encourage them to take risks and give them a safe place in which to do that. Skills are taught and developed in increasingly complex ways that encourage perseverance, discipline and an iterative process. At all levels, teachers use a coaching model to help students build on strengths, develop personal interests and express themselves visually. 

The Lower School Visual Arts Program emphasizes breadth, general art skills and exposure to many techniques, approaches and media including drawing, design, painting, printmaking, sculpture and work in clay. The emphasis in the Upper School Visual Arts Program is on developing and integrating specific artistic skills, concepts, techniques and theory as well as developing a personal style of expression. The Visual Arts Department also offers two academic courses: History of Art and Intellectual Property and the Law. These courses compliment the studio classes, giving students the context to understand and analyze artworks from a broader historical and legal perspective.