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The purpose of this page is to outline COVID-19 health and safety layers in accordance with operations for the Winsor School. These protocols are the product of the most recent CDC and DESE guidelines and have been carefully considered and adapted to address and promote the safety, health, and welfare of the Winsor community. Please check back regularly for ongoing updates and guidance.

COVID-19 Health & Safety Layers

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  • Close Contacts

    We will no longer conduct contact tracing as it is not recommended statewide in K–12 schools. Asymptomatic individuals will not be excluded from school as a result of exposure, regardless of vaccination status or exposure setting.
  • Health Monitoring

    All members of the community are encouraged to stay home when feeling ill or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.

You Tested Positive, Now What Happens?

If you test positive for COVID-19, please notify Nurse Sue and begin isolating at home for five days. The five-day isolation starts with the testing date as day zero. 

You may return to school on day six if:
  1. You are fever free for 24 hours without taking fever-reducing medications.
  2. Your symptoms have fully resolved.

If you do not meet the criteria on day six, please remain home and continue to monitor. 

Upon returning to school, please wear a mask until completion of day 10.