The Winsor School
A leading school for academically promising girls in grades 5-12
“We all can play a really important role in making Winsor what it’s going to be next.”

Together, we have the chance to contribute to a brilliant future, for our girls and for this great school. Your support ensures that the lasting legacy of a Winsor education is available for generations of future students.


The Winsor Promise

Winsor has always asked girls to dream big. As a community, we set out three years ago with a dream of our own, The Winsor Promise, a campaign to secure our school's future as an unrivaled leader in the education of girls. Your unsurpassed generosity made that dream a reality. With $82.2 million in gifts and pledges by the close of the campaign, we surpassed our goal and all expectations. Promise asked us to stretch far, and you stretched even farther. More than 3,000 Winsor donors stepped up to contribute.

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