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The Winsor experience shapes girls in every possible way. While classroom learning is the core, it is just the beginning. Girls are not only thinkers and scholars but also: Artists, Athletes, Community Volunteers, Club members, Leaders, Mentors and, importantly, classmates and friends.

Girls Lead Everything.

They speak their minds, giving voice to student issues and often presenting or performing at weekly assemblies.

Girls Shape Winsor.

They give fresh life to time-honored traditions, making them their own.

Girls Bring Their Whole Selves to Winsor

They grow intellectually, emotionally, physically, and socially—sometimes seemingly all at once.

Winsor Parent

I asked my daughter how Winsor creates a sense of community.  Out of nowhere, came a five-minute torrent of examples. Literally, five uninterrupted minutes of things she thought made Winsor unique as a community.  For me that is what is special about Winsor.