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Winsor’s Health and Wellness Program is carefully woven into the fabric of the whole student experience. We believe that mental, physical, and intellectual health are inextricably linked. Importantly, every Winsor student is known and supported. Beyond learning life skills in health classes, they learn from the start that faculty advisors and class coordinators and deans are there for them.

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Social Media: Harnessing Its Positive Potential
Madeline Warlan, School Counselor

Technology, smartphones, social media: these are today's buzzwords. We see and hear so much about how technology is both positively and negatively impacting children and adults alike. Most would agree, technological advancements in the past decade have dramatically changed our daily lives. This is not unlike any other major invention since we discovered fire thousands of years ago. So why are we so shaken by our smartphones? What do we have to gain from them? And what do we have to fear?

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