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The Winsor community understands that wellness, both personal and community-wide, drives deep, meaningful learning and leads to success in the pursuit of personal aspirations and in making purposeful contributions to the world.

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  • Academic Support

    Academic support is available to any students looking to sharpen their learning skills; whether that means better test preparation, study skills, or self advocacy, students can seek academic support at any time throughout the school year and their time at Winsor. The goal of academic support is to build confidence in student agency and learning.
    Peer tutoring is available to any student who needs extra opportunities for review or learning. This is a leadership opportunity for Upper School students to match with their peers and support them in their academic achievement.

    Ellen Crowley (she/her)
    Teaching & Learning Specialist
  • Counseling

    Counseling at Winsor supports students’ social and emotional well-being through advocacy, education, and collaboration. The school counselors work together to support students on their journey towards growth and success. The counseling team offers a culturally inclusive lens while providing mental health support. Winsor counselors are available for appointments, drop in support, and to help with referrals to outside clinicians. The counseling team works with administration, faculty, parents and alumnae to continue expanding access to mental health resources.  

    Maia Monteagudo (She/Her)
    Emily Monteiro (She/Her)
  • Health Services

    The school nurse collaborates with parents and medical professionals to help students stay healthy at school. Health services manages the health and medical needs of students: staying up-to-date on vaccines, following daily medications, triaging illness/injury, monitoring asthma/allergy plans, and maintaining student medical records. 

    Sudeshna Bandyopadhyay (pronouns)
    Director of Health Services
    School Nurse
  • Wellness Programming and Education

    Winsor has a longstanding Wellness Education program with a formal class in grades 5–11. At Winsor, we focus on the education and wellness of the whole child. Our curriculum is adaptive to the ever changing needs of our students. Courses at Winsor are designed with guidance from the Social and Emotional Learning Framework, National Health Education Standards, Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education, and the Learning for Justice Social Justice Standards. At appropriate developmental stages, students develop self-awareness and cultural competence while practicing skills to manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships and make responsible decisions.

    Peer Support
    The Peer Support Program provides Class VII & VIII students the opportunity to support the school community through mentorship, social connection, and effective leadership roles. Students in the program accept the responsibility involved in preparing for, committing to, and participating in community support through upstanding behaviors and active engagement. Peer Supporters act as resource and referral leaders, connecting their peers to reliable information and to others in the community. Peer Supporters focus on three main objectives each year: community building, wellness education, and events.

    Evan Joy McLaurin’12 (she/her)
    “Miss Joy”
    Wellness Teacher,

    Amanda Santos Valenzuela (she/her)
    Wellness Department Head