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Winsor has many alumnae who have distinguished themselves in fields ranging from science and medicine to writing, education and law. The women profiled here have been featured in previous issues of the Winsor Bulletin.

List of 6 news stories.

  • Raquel Melo ’88

    It’s 2017 and Americans are taking to the streets to protest police brutality and government overreach in numbers not seen for a generation. A corporate giant notices, but fails to grasp the zeitgeist. In a now infamous ad, a conspicuously multicultural crowd peacefully assembles under the watchful eyes of a line of men in uniform. Kendall Jenner, a white model and reality star, dissolves the tension, offering a fizzy soft drink to a stone-faced officer. He takes a sip and cracks a grin; a woman wearing a Muslim hijab does the same. The crowd cheers, and . . .dissipates. 
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  • Tran Vu ’06

    Born in Saigon the 4th of 5 children, the multimedia artist, cultural worker, and organizer has dedicated her life to creating and implementing "socially engaged" art and community engagement programs. Framed by the values and vision shaped by her heritage, her childhood in Boston's working class neighborhoods, and the juxtaposing privilege of her Winsor and subsequent education, Tran's work is reflective, collaborative and deliberate in raising awareness about social justice.
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  • Julie Rockett ’92

    Scene I: Boston, 2015. Our heroine, Julie Rockett ’92, works as an office manager at Newton-Wellesley Hospital. She’s whip-smart (Tufts University, B.A., Ancient Greek, M.A., Education), and very funny (she’s performed with Skitches, an all-female sketch-comedy troupe). An aspiring screenwriter, she’s taking writing classes, and is writing a romantic comedy, Altarcations, about an event planner coordinating her ex’s wedding for a reality show.
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  • Laurie Glimcher ’68

    Laurie Glimcher ’68 reflects on a life at the forefront of research and leadership and her hopes for a new generation of women in science. At her 50th Winsor reunion, the first woman president of Dana Farber celebrated coming “full circle,” back to Longwood neighborhood where her passions took root. 
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  • Mitzi Peterson ’90, P’17, ’20

    Few people understand the toll of mental illness like Mitzi Peterson ’90, P’17, ’20. She oversees the behavioral health of a population invisible to many: the nearly 10,000 inmates of Massachusetts’ 16 state prisons. A third have mental health issues. While always a therapist clinician at heart, she’s working to bring needed change on a system level. 
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  • Robyn Gibson '06 and Reann Gibson '08

    Berries. Chard. Eggplant, tomatoes, zucchini, and herbs. These are some of the delectables growing in Robyn Gibson’s plot at the Woolson Street Community Garden in Mattapan, where her sister Reann helps cultivate (and consume) the bounty. 

    But produce is only part of the picture: as the garden’s co-coordinator (Robyn) and community organizer (Reann), the sisters nurture not only flora but also the neighborhood’s human fauna.

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