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It was such a joy to see so many alums on campus this past weekend! A heartfelt thank you to everyone who volunteered their time and energy to make it such a successful day of events. We invite you to relive the weekend through photos.

As we think about next year, what would you like Alumnae Weekend to look like? We’d love to hear from you. Whether or not you attended, we hope you will fill out this survey and share your thoughts. 

Thank you again for coming back to campus!
Alumnae Board 2023–2024

President, Ashley Marlenga Herbst '01; Vice-President, Meghan Weeks '04; Secretary, Armine Afeyan '08
Members at Large: Fatima Aziz '06, Holly Breuer '14 Co-Chair, Young Alumnae Committee, Hillary S. Brown '80, P'17, Susan Holzman '67, Elizabeth Flint Hooker '95, Jennifer Inker '83, P'26, Danielle Johns '05, Katherine McCord '02 Co-Chair, Alumnae Giving, Jillian Campbell McGrath '02, Johanna Mendillo '96, Julia Broderick O'Brien '56, P '87, Nell O'Donnell '81 , Jennifer O'Neil '93, Ambika Patni '98, Elizabeth-Anne Finn Payne '94, Sarah Marlenga Powers '05, Mary Noonan Quirk '05, Lacey Janet Rose '06, Nancy Adams Roth '66, Elizabeth Tillman '83, Miwa Watkins '83, Alexis Hasiotis Wintersteen '91, Claire Wiseman '83 

Ex-Officio: Erica Mayer '91, P'25 Past President, Caitlin Crowe '89, Co-Chair, Alumnae Giving, Julia Livingston '66, P'85, '07, Co-Chair, Alumnae Giving, Anushuree Gupta '13, Co-Chair, Young Alumnae Committee, Becky Withiam, Director of Engagement and Events, Myriam Poznar, Assistant Director of Alumnae Engagement