Performing Arts Faculty

    • Andres Puigbo

      Performing Arts, Theater Technical Director

    • Carey McKinley

      Performing Arts, Dance Faculty

    • Felica Brady-Lopez

      Performing Arts, Music Faculty

    • Jeremy Johnson

      Performing Arts, Drama Faculty

    • Jessica Pribble

      Performing Arts, Costume Designer

    • Lisa Taillacq

      Performing Arts, Music- Choral/Music Director; Eleanor T. Nelson, '49, Chair in Fine Arts

    • Tiffany Rice

      Director of Performing Arts and Music Faculty

Visual Arts Faculty

    • Erin Calamari

      Fine Arts, Visual Art Faculty

    • Julia Harrison

      Head of Visual Arts Department, Visual Art Faculty

    • Sara Macaulay

      Fine Arts, Visual Art Faculty

    • Mia Tinkjian

      Fine Arts, Visual Art Faculty