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The Institute for Social & Emotional Learning Presents: Restorative Practices Workshop

The Winsor School
This two-day workshop offers K-12 educators, administrators, and counselors a comprehensive model of proactive and responsive approaches for Peace Building and Conflict Resolution.

Conflict is a normal and expected part of social dynamics and may stem from differing ideas, perspectives or values; power imbalances; or limited resources. Across cultures, there are many common themes to how conflict is expressed and managed; yet the social and cultural context of a student’s experience, particularly in International Schools, also plays a major role.

You will learn effective ways to teach and practice SEL tools, including:
  • Reflective Listening
  • Assertive Communication
  • Self Advocacy
  • Exploring Boundaries and Paying Attention to Others’ Boundaries
  • Proactive Ways to Build Empathy
  • Foundation for Productive and Transformational Conflict Resolution
  • Explore how cultures and histories inform our approach to conflict resolution
  • Discuss how students learn about conflict and conflict resolution from the media, peers, and their families

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Regrettably, Winsor cannot provide parking for this event. Visitors should park in either the MASCO garage (375 Longwood Avenue) or one of several nearby garages. Please plan accordingly.