LEAD Scholarship Program for Boston Students

Winsor values its location in and connection to the City of Boston. To honor this partnership, Winsor established the LEAD Scholarship Program in 2021 to recognize talented students who reside within the city limits. 

LEAD Scholars are selected on the basis of their academic merit, work ethic, positive community contributions and financial need. 

Competitive applicants likely:
• Receive all 3s and 4s on their report cards
• Participate regularly in class
• Are successful managing their current workload
• Seek more academic challenge and rich arts and athletic opportunities

LEAD Scholarship Eligibility

To be eligible for the LEAD Scholarship your applicant must be entering Grade 5/Class I in Fall 2023, your family’s primary residence must be in the City of Boston and your family must demonstrate financial need by completing an application with Clarity Tuition
Every year Winsor awards over $4.9 million in need-based financial aid in addition to the LEAD Scholarship. Need-based financial aid awards depend on your family's specific financial situation, looking at all your forms of income, assets and debts, and is renewed annually. Winsor is proud to have one of the most generous financial aid programs in the area, with 25% of our students supported by this program.