2020-2021 Awards Celebration

June 7, 2021—With seniors, faculty, and staff in person, and more than 200 others joining via live stream, the Winsor community came together for the all-school Awards Celebration. The annual celebration honors the athletic, artistic, and academic accomplishments of Winsor students and their contributions to the community. 

In her welcome to students, Head of School Sarah Pelmas noted, “While many of today’s awards recognize individual achievement, perhaps one of the best parts of a Winsor education is the way in which we work together as a community to encourage, challenge, and inspire one another.”

Before awarding the prizes, Ms. Pelmas acknowledged one additional celebration. “I know that one of the reasons we have loved being in person at school this year is because we could be greeted by Ms. Marshall each morning, and it was she who wrapped all of the awards, and added a little extra love to each one. Earlier this spring, yearbook editors Alexandra Gorham ’21, Caroline Cromwell ’21, and Abigail Quigley ’21 announced the dedication of the yearbook. If you will indulge me, I would like to read that dedication one more time.” The dedication follows:

Following the awarding of the prizes, Winsor students also said farewell and thank you to faculty and staff who are leaving or retiring. Heads of this year’s Lower School Council, Madeline Cheng ’25 and Katina Handrinos ’25, along with this year’s President and Vice President of Collect, Mishael Quraishi ’21 and Alexandra Gorham ’21, and next year’s President of Collect, Evelyn Wells ’22, took the stage to offer their goodbyes.

Finally, Eve Lesburg ’21 introduced the senior-elected faculty speaker, long-time World Languages faculty Valentina Paez. Approaching her speech through the lens of jazz, Señora Paez taught many of the now seniors in Class I and Class II, and called out students by name.

“We ALL know that Winsor has given you strong and beautiful wings that will shape both the journey of your life and the landings of your travels. So what you cannot forget is that...WE, your teachers, coaches and mentors, get to somehow fly in those wings with you. Keep us close in your hearts. You mean the world to us.” 

The Awards Celebration ended with cheers and excitement ahead of the 127th Commencement later in the week.