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A Moving Morning of Dance

May 23, 2024—With choreography by both students and faculty, Winsor dancers were full of energy as they moved across the stage in the David E. and Stacey L. Goel Theater for the spring dance concert during the all-school assembly. A showcase of work by the Winsor Dance Team and Performing Arts Block (PAB) classes, the program touched on different genres and styles of dance.

The Winsor Dance Team kicked things off with a full ensemble piece to “On My Mama” by Victoria Monét choreographed by Zora Chirunga '26, and as the concert continued, PAB classes alternated performances and the Winsor Dance Team. 

A truly cross-genre show, Class I PAB explored modern dance set to “Níl Sé'n Lá,” by Celtic Woman with choreography by Performing Arts Faculty Ann-Marie Ciaraldi, who was the organizing force behind the morning’s spring dance concert. Following an exploration of community celebration in the Celtic Wheel, Winsor Dance Team captain Kendal Pauyo '26 choreographed a hip-hop routine to “Eve Psyche and the Bluebeard's Wife” by Le Sserafim and “Dope” by BTS.

Using rhythm and expression, the first Class II PAB group told a story through Kathak dance that is thousands of years old about a little boy named Krishna and the giant 10-headed serpent, Kaliya. “One day, Krishna and his friends were playing ball and things got a little out of hand when someone threw the ball into the river where Kaliya lived,” explained Adeline Vantzelfde '30. “Only Krishna was brave enough to dive into the river to face Kaliya and get their ball back. It is a story about facing our fears, which we can all relate to,” said Tess Bellew '30. Choreographed by dance teacher Anjali Nath, students expressed the story through movement. Scarves tied at the waist, which appeared especially vibrant against a backdrop of black clothing, evoked the river, while tinkling jingling ankle bracelets added musicality to their movements.

Meilee Mekalanos ’27 choreographed a contemporary trio for the Winsor Dance Team exploring what it’s like to feel alienated and alone, but have people there as your support system. Set to “Someone to Stay” by the Vancouver Sleep Clinic, this emotional piece was a testament to friendship.

The second Class II PAB group performed in the style of musical theater with choreography by dance teacher Samantha Rosenberg. Called “Above the Clouds,” students have been working on jazz skills such as chassé, ball change, and pivot turns in class. “Buckle your seat belts and enjoy the flight,” said Maddie Karczmarek ’30, who introduced the number, which was set to a sampling of “Come Fly with Me” by Frank Sinatra, complete with flight-inspired costumes.

Using light to their advantage to silhouette dancers, the Winsor Dance Team raised the energy of the whole auditorium with choreography by Winsor Dance Team Captain Saratu Waya '26 set to “Bloodline” by Ariana Grande. 

“We’ve been working on this dance since March,” said Anji Mahendra-Rajah ’29 and
Lilah Glazer ’29 on behalf of the Class III/IV PAB class. “The message we hope to convey is that it’s okay to put your phone down and take a break from the digital world.” With students waving cell phone flashlights as props the dance—choreographed by dance teacher Jean Appolon—explored how technology creates moments of connection and separation. 

Complete with a resuscitation sequence, the Winsor Dance Team boogied to “Staying Alive” by the Bee Gees, choreographed by Leila Andermann '27. And a duet by the dance captains—Kendal Pauyo '26 and Saratu Waya '26—set to “bad idea” by Ariana Grande rounded out the Winsor Dance Team performances.

While dancers prepared for the final number, Performing Arts Faculty Ann-Marie Ciaraldi thanked everyone who brought the assembly to life, including the choreographers, dancers, and Technical Theater Director Andrés J Puigbó—affectionately called Mr. P. by students—who oversaw students in his Theater Design Class as they managed all aspects of lighting and sound for the performance.

The last piece was a tango to “Libertango” by Astor Piazzolla with choreography by Ms. Ciaraldi. It was a passionate and dramatic end to a wonderful morning of music and movement. 

Winsor Dance Team
Leila Andermann '27, Dancer, Choreographer
Jackie Belliveau '27, Dancer
Zora Chirunga '26, Dancer, Choreographer
Ginny Choe '27, Dancer, 
Agnes deSouza '27, Dancer, Choreographer
Meilee Mekalanos '27, Dancer, Choreographer
Demira Parekh '26, Dancer
Kendal Pauyo '26, Dancer, Choreographer, Captain
Saratu Waya '26, Dancer, Choreographer, Captain